In 2003, Fibromyalgia (Fibro) started taking over my body. My body went into full spasm and became so tight that it twisted and dislocated my jaw. I could barely walk for two years and have suffered from chronic pain and fatigue for almost 10 years now. My ribs pop out of joint and I have been told to expect a possible diagnosis of arthritis during the early part of age 30.

Some people say that Fibro doesn’t exist. I am here to say it does. Unfortunately, disease can be symptomatic of something else. In my case, I believe my Fibromyalgia was likely caused by working too much in a job that required repetitive movements. I will never engage in the 60-long hours of work a week, for months on end, ever again!

My campaign at Just, is meant to inspire arthritis and Fibro sufferers, and be mindful that anything is possible even with a chronic debilitating condition. I support the Fibromyalgia cause, because I am one of the many who suffer from its debilitating symptoms. I want to achieve something by pushing through my disease and climb to the top of a mountain in Peru.  Please support me in my ‘March to Macchu Pichu’ and support FibroAction.

Michael Duturbure