Judson Levasheff, born Christmas Eve 2004, was a vibrant, bright, and articulate little boy when his body suddenly and rapidly began to deteriorate. Over a period of just five months, Judson became completely paralyzed, blind, and mute.  Judson died November 7, 2007 from late-onset Krabbe Disease.

Krabbe disease (also known as globoid cell leukodystrophy or galactosylceramide lipidosis) is a rare and fatal degenerative disorder that affects the myelin sheath of the nervous system. It is a form of sphingolipidosis, as it involves dysfunctional metabolism of sphingolipids.

Judson’s Legacy has been established in his honor to share the hope of heaven while giving Krabbe kids a chance at life on earth. Judson’s Legacy is committed to funding research for Krabbe and other leukodystrophy diseases, particularly by supporting the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute (HJKRI), a collaboration between the University of Buffalo and Hunter’s Hope Foundation.

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  1. savanah says:

    hey my name is savanah im 13 and im doing a project on judson.
    im really sorry for the loss of the most smatest little boys ivre ever seen my brother kade was born the same year as jud.im sinsearly sorry

    from savanah

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