My name is Aleena and at the age of 16 (I am 20 now) I was diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease, a rare autoimmune disease.  Behçet’s disease (BEH-chets), sometimes called Behçet’s syndrome, Morbus Behçet, or Silk Road disease causes chronic inflammation in blood vessels throughout your body.  The signs and symptoms of Behcet’s disease can include mouth sores, eye inflammation, and skin rashes and lesions.

These past few years things have been so tough for me that the only thing solid that I could hold on to was my faith and hope!  Having a rare disease is horrible, and there is little awareness or knowledge. Some doctors don’t even know what it is.

This is why I appreciate what the Global Genes Project is doing by sharing stories from people with rare diseases like mine  —  they are helping us bring awareness to diseases that no one has heard of and that gives me sooooo much hope.

The suffering and the pain and not having answers is something I fight everyday. People ask me, are you really sick?  Yes!  My illness is on the inside of my body and just because it is unseen doesn’t mean it’s not there.  I have such faith in God and my Hope in Him that I will be OK.

Once you choose HOPE anything is possible!  Because I am a fighter and I have hope, I WILL BEAT BEHCET’S.

For more information, visit the American Behcet’s Disease Foundation or watch this video on Behcet’s.

2 thoughts on “An Illness You Can’t See Does Not Mean It’s Not There – Fighting Behcet’s Disease”

  1. Regina says:

    This is defenitly a real disease. I watch my sister fight everday with her Behcet’s, the pain and discomfort and so much more I dont even want to say, but I also watch an amazing young woman fight with all she has to live a normal full life with so much Hope and Faith…My sister just got engaged to an amazing, loving, faithfilled strong man and will do everything to live the life she chooses and will not let this rare disease beat her. She brings hope and smiles to everyone she meets and I am so proud to call her my baby sister. They will find a cure because of orginizations like this willing to fight and release the word that this Behcet’s is so real. Keep fighting and living life to the fullest. I Love You Aleena

  2. Natalie Perez-Eggen says:

    I’m so blessed to be Aleena’s mom. I pray that her story being briefly shared will help another child and family that is yet to be diagnosed. This wicked disease “flares” anytime it feels like it, with such dibilitating symptoms, making even the simplest activities so difficult and extremely painful.
    I must share that we would have been lost without the American Behcets Disease Association…….although not large, they are mighty with love, support, sharing, answers, and HOPE.
    “Once You Choose HOPE anything is Possible”

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