My name is Diane, and in 1999 I was diagnosed with Raynauds (ray-NOHZ) disease and Scleroderma.  Raynaud’s disease is a condition that causes some areas of your body — such as your fingers, toes, the tip of your nose and your ears — to feel numb and cool in response to cold temperatures or stress. In Raynaud’s disease, smaller arteries that supply blood to your skin narrow, limiting blood circulation to affected areas.   Scleroderma is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease (primarily of the skin) characterized by fibrosis (or hardening), vascular alterations, and autoantibodies.

Due to these rare conditions, I now must take medications for the rest of my life. I can only say that I wake up every morning hoping for a cure. I do keep a positive attitude and I am so very grateful for every day.  I have to live with these conditions and bear the pain. But I still love LIFE!