My grandfather, my father and two of my brothers suffered from Huntington’s disease, so all of my family members have been victims of this tragedy for decades.

Now, I’m 45 years old, and four months ago, I experienced symptoms that I identify with the illness. I know there is no cure, so I’ve kept silent about it because I don’t want to carry more pain to my family. Even though these symptoms are killing me, they are not visible yet.

I’m Mexican, a father of a wonderful boy and a devoted husband. When I see both my son and wife, many questions come to me about their future. They don’t know the kind of tragedy that is knocking at our door, and nobody deserves such a destiny of sadness.

I know there are many people searching for a cure, and everyday, I read about their findings. That is not enough.

People like me, in an early phase of the illness, should help medics and patients in anyway. As a journalist, I’ll register day to day the changes I suffer… Till the day researchers defeat Huntington’s disease or until my brain asks for a break.