My son, Wylder James, lost his life to Niemann-Pick type A on July 20, 2012.

Niemann-Pick type A  appears during infancy and is characterized by an enlarged liver and spleen (hepatosplenomegaly), failure to gain weight and grow at the expected rate (failure to thrive) and progressive deterioration of the nervous system. Children affected by this condition generally do not survive past early childhood.

He persevered and spent his short three years here on earth as a teacher, touching more lives than most do in 100 years. I wrote and illustrated my Wylder a children’s book, titled “Warrior Baby”- a way for him to understand and daily enjoy what he taught me and how much his life meant. It is written in simple words with a BIG message, and I believe most of your followers will relate and enjoy this book too. It has become my commitment to Wylder to make sure his message, lessons and legacy are never forgotten. I got the book self-published, and it is now available for $12.00 online. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to Wylder’s Research Fund to help find options and treatments. You will see when you read Wylder’s journey that we did not take this battle lightly and we did EVERYTHING possible for our Wylder James.

You can read our entire journey of our family and our “warrior baby” through our site. What a life!

With hope always,

Shannon Laffoon