Back in December of 2011, I started to develop headaches and nausea. My eye sight was getting poor, and my balance was bad. I went to my doctor, who diagonosed me with Bell’s palsy. As time went on, my face developed a droop on the left side. and I could not stand up.

My mom would come to visit me, but I spent most of my time sleeping. I returned a couple more times to the ER for treatment, and they released me with more pills for nausea, but that just never seemed to help. In March of 2012, I went to visit my mom. She had to pick me up since by now my vision was impaired so bad that the only way I could pick up something was by the colors that I could see.

It was Easter, and I took a trip to the hospital. They diagnosed me after a CT scan, saying I had what they thought was a brain tumor. I was rushed off to a hospital farther away, where after many tests and many uncomfortable moments, I was diagnosed with possible Behcet’s disease. But the treatment was started before they could fully say that is what I had. I was there for 14 days. I then returned again nine days later, when they then finished what they started, and I was told I had Behcet’s syndrome. My left side had to be worked with, so I could walk again. My brain stem had a lesion called a ganglion. I have no memory of what happened to me. My gait was off when I returned to the hospital. My head was shifted to the right with a right-sided gaze.

I am now on Prednisone, Azathioprine and pills for the infection. I am getting better as each day goes by, but it has been a long and scary road thus far. I feared death. It took me a long time to get over this thought. But with the loving support of my mom and family, I have begun my healing process. I just hope there is a cure for this soon. So I can lead a better life and be free of living with this disease called Behcet’s.

2 thoughts on “Kyle Hopes A Cure For Behcet’s Syndrome Is Found Soon, So He Can Lead A Better Life”

  1. angie says:

    I also have behcets and have been on both those meds. I hope it helps u! If ur not already..get into a retina specialist also.

  2. Cheryl says:

    My youngest one was diagnosed with Behcets when she was in 8th grade, but was sick for a few years before that and Drs. did not know what was wrong with her. Until she was diagnosed with a blood clot in her upper leg, I took her to another hospital and it was then she was diagnosed along with the blood clot and other issues she was having that she was diagnosed with the bechets. She has terrible pain in the heels of her feet for years which we thought was due to playing travel soccer. She was put on different meds for the next couple of years , then we tried pentoxiphelene, not sure if the spelling, she then turned to a vegan diet, and as of last year she is off all meds and doing well, she still goes to see her specialist, when she is home from college , but we keep the faith she will continue to be free of any signs of her bechets.

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