Rebekah has periodic fever aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis and adenopathy (PFAPA) syndrome, whose symptoms typically appear early in young children. These high fevers periodically occur at intervals of about three to five weeks, frequently accompanied by aphthous ulcers, pharyngitis and/or adenitis. But since it is a periodic fever syndrome, these short episodes of illness recur regularly for long stretches of time, alternating with healthy periods.

Rebekah started fevering at about four months old, ranging from 101 to 106.7 degrees. She struggled for months with pediatricians saying it was just a virus. She was finally diagnosed at 18 months old. Right now she is doing excellent! She is well over 100 days fever free! This is the longest she has gone since she was born. Our bracelets arrived on day 90! Thanks so much!!!!

Like other little girls, Rebekah enjoys ballet and excels in preschool. She is a healthy, fun, loving, smart and sassy little girl. Although her mother has noticed a mild delay in gross motor skills, attention issues and organization skills in her daughter, she is not sure if they are related to her PFAPA syndrome.

With those mild characteristics aside, Rebekah has amazing language skills and fine motor skills, which her mother attributes to her diligence in finding activities for her daughter to complete while she was sick. They always read a ton, finished puzzles and worked on crafts together. And as Rebekah grows, she only catches up more and more to her peers!