Imagine waking up hungry; imagine thinking about food all day long— before each meal, you are thinking of food; when meal time comes, you wolf down your food because you are just starving from hunger. Imagine not wanting to leave the table because you are still hungry. Imagine going to bed every night hungry. Imagine being born with this HUNGER.

Imagine it is all you know and all you will ever know— ever. You will never know the feeling of “full.” Imagine you are a four year old boy. How can your mother keep you safe when the enemy is FOOD?! Every holiday has to be re-invented to ensure that you are safe from the dangers that this HUNGER could bring. If you are that hungry all the time, would you steal food? Would you hoard food? Would you seek out food all day long?!

Imagine having a Rare Genetic Disorder that makes you this HUNGRY! Imagine being the only person in the United States with this disorder, imagine that there are less than 50 cases of Pro-opiomelanocortin Deficiency Disorder (POMC) in the world.

Imagine that this disorder also affects your pituitary gland (the master gland), so that all the other endocrine glands do not work right either. Imagine having to avoid people because they will make you sick, because you have Adrenal Insufficiency (A.I.), and if you were to even get the 24-hour tummy bug, you would end up at the hospital in Adrenal Crisis. Imagine that your thyroid does not work either, so you are tired and grumpy and you gain weight easily.

Imagine that you are allergic to the generic brand of medication that you need to keep your body working. Imagine having a hypothalamus that does not work. Imagine that when you get sick, you instantly run a temperature, and you just keep getting hotter and hotter. Imagine living in sunny Florida and not being able to spend all day at the beach because you will get heatstroke even if you stay in the shade. Imagine being larger that all your peers, and imagine strangers pointing at you and whispering about your size.

Imagine having sensory issues and not being able do deal with noises (like laughter, applause or music), smells and the textures of some foods.

Imagine living all alone on a deserted island.

Welcome to “POMC Island~ One boy~ an Ocean of Friends!”

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