Two Hearts Rock

On Friday, November 9th, Kerry Hughes and Lori Butler of Two Hearts Rock joined District 95 students of Lake Zurich, Illinois, in assembling Denim Ribbons for an upcoming Rare Disease Awareness Campaign.

Two Hearts Rock believes that “music creates unity,” and they strive to use this power of music to help generate funds to advance research for childhood rare diseases and fuel medical breakthroughs.

The second Annual Jeans 4 Genes campaign, which is sponsored by Two Hearts Rock, is expected to run this February in ten local schools. Participating students will wear jeans and a denim ribbon to show their support of genetic research for rare disease. The denim ribbon is a unifying symbol of hope created by Global Genes | R.A.R.E. Project, an organization of which Two Hearts Rock is a strategic partner.

With the help of several compassionate students, Two Hearts Rock has taken charge of assembling 5,000 denim ribbons for a February campaign that they hope will reach beyond the classroom and into the surrounding Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods and Barrington communities.

For more information on upcoming events approaching World Rare Disease Day on February 28, 2013, please visit