When Bryce was two years old, he was diagnosed with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. PMS is a rare genetic syndrome that only about 600 people in the world are diagnosed with. This syndrome affects speech, cognition and fine and gross motor skills.

Bryce is currently non-verbal and uses a walker to get around. He is an extremely determined little boy who works hard in all of his therapies. He is close to standing on his own and is starting to use adaptive communication devices to express himself. Bryce brings so much joy to our family, and we hope that with new therapies and drug trials, one day soon we will hear Bryce’s sweet little voice.

1 thought on “A Determined Boy with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, Bryce Brings Joy to His Family”

  1. Amber adams says:

    Hi, my name is Amber. My niece, almost 2, was diagnosed a month ago with Phelan McDermid Syndrome. We have been searching the web to find other children and families with this rare genetic disorder. My sister is looking to find support and more information from someone who actually lives with a child who has this. I was wondering if you would mind sharing your experiences with her? I know I came from “out of the blue,” but it’s so rare we cannot find anyone! Your post was the first one I seen with her age group!!! Thank you for your time! You can contact me via email if you’d like and I can give you her contact info! 🙂 acadams102408@ymail.com

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