What this bracelet means to me.

That one day hopefully there will be a cure to this very painful, crippling disease called Tarlov Cysts Disease. As I have cysts eroding my sacrum bone and the nerves in my spine, it is slowly paralyzing my body. My Hope bracelet is a reminder to others that this disease needs awareness, we need a cure.  By wearing my bracelet for all to see, I can not only get the word out about my disease, but I am also able to show others that although I am brave – it is a constant battle.

I am currently going through this alone, unable to work as I can only sit for five minutes and have to stand or lay down.  And although I am alone, the bracelet is encouraging for me – it gives me hope.

Stacey is battling a painful disease called Tarlov Cysts Disease,  and has previously shared her story HERE.