Date of Event:  February 28, 2013
Organization:  Histiocytosis Awareness
Location:  Haysville Public Library, Haysville, Kansas

The Histiocytosis Awareness Quilt, containing the names of Histio Warriors and Angels from all over the world, will be on display from Februray 14 through March 15th, 2013.

This fundraiser is dedicated to raising awareness and funding a cure for Histiocytosis. Please consider becoming a partner in our quest by reserving a quilt block for yourself, your warrior, your angel, or you can donate a block for a warrior or angel. It is our hope that the Histiocytosis Awareness Quilt will become a traveling awareness tool, increasing awareness one block at a time.

The quilt will be made in panels containing individual blocks. Each block will be embroidered with the name and information of one Histio Warrior, or Angel.  Once all blocks in a panel have been reserved, the quilt panel will be completed and ready for display.  We will continue to make panels as long as there are requests for names to be added.

Along with the quilt, we would like to display a portfolio with pictures of those included on the quilt, along with the story of their Histio journey (this information can be updated at anytime). If you would like to be included please forward a picture along with the Histio story to me at