Abby Grace has the kind of smile you rarely see on such young faces. Maybe that’s why her image has become one of hope and admiration in the pediatric cancer and rare disease community. Little Abby was diagnosed with stage 4 Metastic Pineoblastoma, which is a very rare form of brain cancer. As feared, it has metastasized into many other areas throughout her head and all the way down her spine.

Angels for Abby Grace is a support group that grew around the family to help provide assistance. Gathering around a Facebook Page for new updates and fundraising event information, over 5,000 Angels keep in touch with Abby and the Needhams on a regular basis. was started in 2012 to help raise awareness and sell wrist-bands and custom Abby T-Shirts.

By February 22, 2013, Abby’s cancer was growing again – and the doctors had to discontinue the standard treatments she was under since it was not working at all. Even more aggressive treatments are facing Abby and her family.

Abby was also recently featured in a story on KMPH news.

KMPH FOX 26 | Central San Joaquin Valley News Source

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To those who would like to help Abby Grace and her family with expenses, donations are very much appreciated and can be sent to the following address:
The Needham Family
P.O. Box 768
Kingsburg, CA 93631