When I was 23 weeks pregnant with our third son, my life was turned upside down. We were told that our son had extra fluid in his brain and something was off about the way his brain was developing, so we were asked if we would like to abort. Without hesitation, our answer was no.

Whether we had him for a couple of seconds or the rest of our lives, he was ours and we wanted to do whatever we could to give him the best life we could. The rest of my pregnancy, we had test after test and were told they knew something was wrong, but they were not sure what.

When Landon was born, he was the best little baby. He did everything perfectly. I thought there was no way these tests were right: they just weren’t seeing a good picture while I was pregnant. When he was two weeks old, my heart was crushed all over again. He was diagnosed with lissencephaly.

“Lissencephaly, which literally means “smooth brain,” is a rare, gene-linked brain malformation characterized by the absence of normal convolutions (folds) in the cerebral cortex and an abnormally small head (microcephaly).”

My tears were not because I had to raise a special needs child but because of all the things he would miss out on.

For two weeks, I could not hardly eat or sleep. Then I realized I was chosen to be Landon’s mom because I was the best person to take care of him. There is something I have that he needs and something he has that our family needs. I can honestly say he has been a huge blessing to our family. He has made me see what is truly important in life and has brought our family so much closer. This is all within the 3.5 months he has been here.

I know the road ahead is not easy, but Landon is such an amazing little boy that no matter how hard it is, his sweet little self makes it all worth it!

6 thoughts on “Landon, Diagnosed with Lissencephaly, has Been Nothing but a Huge Blessing to his Family”

  1. Leslie says:

    My son just got diagnosed. I am falling apart!! Can you share advice. He’s 8 months old

  2. Crystal says:

    Updates on Landon? I just recently learned of this disease and while researching found this page. I fell in love with Landon’s sweet little face! Sending lots of love his way.

  3. nikki says:

    My son is 19 months and has lissencephaly, he is now crawling and eating well. My email is nikkigunther@internode.on.net

  4. Hi Leslie,
    My name is Jule. My son, Wyatt, lives with lissencephaly every day. To learn more about the disease, you can check out http://www.cortfoundation.org or see http://www.candicelange.com.

  5. Jule Dragstrem says:

    The website http://www.corticalfoundation.org is no longer up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Ben says:

    My son with Lissencephaly, he is 16 now. Lots of seizures, g-tube ….

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