My best friend, Jandie Sitton-Parker has been diagnosed with stage four of a very rare type of cancer, mesenchymal chondrosarcoma. She was told by doctors she had better chances of winning the lotto than getting this. For a couple of years, she wasn’t able to walk because of this blood clot on her leg, and doctors blamed her for being addicted to medication and brushed off her severe pain. One ordered her to begin physical therapy, which resulted in her breaking her leg.

Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma is a malignant type of chondrosarcoma, or cancer of cartilage. Approximately two thirds of cases of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma occur in bone while the rest occur in places outside of the bone—i.e., in extra-skeletal locations.

Finally, someone was smart enough to think of doing an MRI where they found this cancer in her bones, which by now had spread to her lungs as well. Had they checked this from the get-go, instead of blaming her for wanting pain medication, they would have stopped the cancer from spreading.

She has begun different treatments of chemotherapy in the hopes of ridding her lungs of this terrible cancer. If the doctors can do so, they can then amputate her leg above the knee to get rid of the cancer in her bone, thus freeing her from this cancer. In five months, she loses her health insurance, leaving medical bills in the millions. The prosthetic alone will cost around $60,000. I believe she has enough stress on her plate and needs to be able to fight this cancer, let alone have to worry about finances and medical bills. Read More of Jandie’s Story Here.

In an effort to raise money for her medical expenses, I (fashion stylist Sheree Carella) am throwing a Red Carpet Fashion Show at the V Lounge in Santa Monica on April 5th, co-hosted by Brian Raider of Northfield Films. We will be having a runway show with mixed designers, which I will personally be styling, and then have a live auction of each of the looks as well as silent auctions, and a raffle from all of the generous donations. Along with the venue, V Lounge has offered us proceeds from the bar’s sales. Le Fashion Truck will be parked outside the venue before the event and will donate a percentage of their sales. This will be a fun evening of libations and auctions for a great cause!

If you can donate your time, money or expertise to make this event more successful please contact us. We are looking for as much help possible, business owners, clothing lines, people with new products who would be so generous in donating for the raffle & auctions.

We need as much help as we can get to raise money for Jandie!

Thank you,

Sheree Carella