Nancy Spinner and Ian Krantz, scientists at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia/University of Pennsylvania, have been nominated for the Time Top 100 Most Influential People list!

Nancy Spinner was one of the scientists who discovered the gene for Alagille Syndrome and is on the Alagille Syndrome Alliance Medical Advisory Board. Both Nancy and Ian have been dedicated to the study of genetics and rare/orphan diseases, improving the quality of life of those, especially children, affected by these conditions. Read more about these talented advocates through this Time article.

But they need your help! Please take a moment to support Nancy and Ian’s nomination, by voting for them here. This is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of and interest in genetic research and rare and orphan diseases.

Also please make sure to spread the word about these scientists to your friends, co-workers, associates and family members because the more people we tell, the more votes they’ll receive! Voting closes on April 12th.


1 thought on “Two Talented Scientists Nominated for Time’s Top 100 Most Influential People List”

  1. toni ronzo oliveri says:

    My Gal Nancy – wish I would have stumbled across this when it mattered…
    I am so proud of you not only for being the scientist and doctor that you have become that goes unsaid
    however that you followed your heart and found all that you were searching for to complete you- that makes me proud that you are the woman you have become
    Congrats on all of it………

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