Our hearts, thoughts, and hope for a quick recovery go out to Ellen Barnes. Ellen is an amazing patient advocate with intracranial hypertension.

Ellen, commonly known as “Effervescent Ellen” for her bubbly personality was diagnosed a couple of years ago with a pseudotumor cerebri (now called Intercranial Hypertension) when she was 16. Only 1 in 100,000 people are diagnosed with this. IH is where your body produces too much spinal fluid and it “crushes” the brain instead of “cushioning” it, like it’s supposed to. It causes a lot of neurological problems including—most obviously a 24/7 headache.

Over the last few weeks she has experienced complications from a shunt placement and is currently battling bacterial meningitis in the ICU.

Please wear your ribbon for Ellen this weekend and send your hope, love, thoughts and prayers to her and her family. You can comment below to leave a message of hope for Ellen.


9 thoughts on “Today I Wear My Ribbon For: Ellen Barnes”

  1. Denise says:

    Oh sweetie…what a gorgeous girl and a courageous fight. Praying for her and all involved.

  2. Susan Noble says:

    Sending you love and hugs Ellen and lifting you up in prayer! You have an entire WARRIOR Nation behind you and we love you! God Bless you Ellen Always

    Your friends from,
    The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation

  3. Marie says:

    Dear Ellen, I am praying that you can get through this with no further complications. I ask God to place his healing hands over you and restore you back to health! Stay strong my dear and God bless!! xo

  4. Jennifer Ferguson says:

    Praying for you Ellen! Keep that smile and positive attitude flowing! Sending many {{HUGS}} POSITIVE AND HEALING THOUGHTS & PRAYERS <3

  5. Khrystine Duncan says:


    My heart, my thoughts and my prayers are with you today. Like you, I have IH. And, like you, last summer, I battled bacterial meningitis. IHope that my email to you strengthens you today with the knowledge that your body can beat this. The meningitis was, and is, one of the most horrific illnesses I’ve had….but you can get well. I’m so sorry for what you and your family are going through. Please know that although we are strangers I am a sister to you in spirit and I’ll be fighting for you from a distance and continuing to spread awareness for our cause.


  6. Julia says:

    Praying. Keep being strong!!!

  7. Rita says:

    Ellen, My thoughts & prayers are with you. I too have IH but I have not had the struggles you have had…Please keep fighting. I will be thinking of you. <3 Rita Steele

  8. Keli Rhoden says:

    Prayers for an amazing young woman <3

  9. Sadie says:

    Praying for you precious one. Sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes. You got this, and will overcome it with the great and wonderful attitude you constantly show. Stay strong sweet pea

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