A teen, battling a rare disease, just got a chance to have something he’s never had before, his own room. With the help of a few good Samaritans, they’re making that dream come true.

The look on their faces say it all. The Sweet Dreams Foundation created a stunning dream room for Julian, a teen with a deadly genetic disease called X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy.

“This morning I came in bright and early before everyone else got here and brought him in the room, sat him down on the carpet and let him just feel everything that was going on in here,” says Jenn Richardson, the Sweet Dreams Foundation Founder.

Murals pop from the wall, there’s a gate to heaven design that Julian can feel. And the clouds on his ceiling light up.

“You can load a different video and you can change the hue and the color,” says a designer as he shows us the control tablet.

The designers say Julian’s room was an easy piece to do because he knew exactly what he wanted.

“His dream was heaven and he also loves animals and stuff,” says Amy Bagshaw, the muralist.

Many people poured time and money to make Julian’s dream room vision a reality. Some of them have never even taken time to visualize their own paradise. Jenn, lives with mom and dad.

“It’s actually been a great thing, because realizing how important it is not having your own space,” Jenn quips. “But so grateful my parents have let me move in so I can focus on sweet dreams.”