Once in a while, a voice comes through the speakers that shocks the judges and has their chairs whipping around to see the impressive contestant. Such was the case on Tuesday, October 1st’s episode with Fruitport High School graduate, Sam Cerniglia.

What’s more impressive is what drives his quest for fame–and that’s his two sisters. Sophie has cystic fibrosis and Emmy has Batten’s Disease–a rare brain disease that results in the loss of neurons.

With the support of friends and family, Cerniglia auditioned for the NBC’s reality completion TV show, “The Voice.”

“Emmy in particular, was ‘integral’ in his involvement in music and ‘always saw the music’ in him,” he said.

“It’s not just for me,” Cerniglia said before he went on stage. “It’s for her, too.”

Cerniglia now moves on to the next phase of the competition, the Battle Round, where he will compete against a member of his team and face elimination.” (MLive.com)