Are you frustrated by the lack of safe and effective treatments for rare diseases like Tay-Sachs, Sandhoff, GM-1 and Canavan?

On January 6-8, 2014, the FDA will bring together experts from many fields to discuss and share ideas for how to enhance the rare disease community’s efforts in developing new, safe, and effective therapies for rare diseases. If you would like learn more about the challenging issues related to the development of safe and effective medical products for adult and pediatric patients with rare diseases, you are invited to attend these workshops in person or by webinar. Events are free but space is limited so RSVP through the links below.

The first day will focus on drug and biological product development in general, while the second day will focus only on pediatrics. The third day will focus on medical device development for pediatric patients affected by rare diseases.

Days 1 & 2 January 6-7, 2014
Complex Issues in Developing Drug and Biological Products for Rare Diseases

Day 3 January 8, 2014
Complex Issues in Developing Medical Devices for Pediatric Patients Affected by Rare Diseases