Rare Disease Day Jacksonville

Location of Event
Jacksonville Public Library-Downtown Location, 303 North Laura Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202, library main number 904-630-2665

Rare Disease | Genetic Condition
Open to all rare disease conditions including cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, ataxia, myositis, myesthenia gravis, pancreatic cancer and many rare pediatric diseases

Date of Event

Name of Event
Rare Disease Day Jacksonville 2014

Is Event Open to the Public?

Event Details
The event will begin at 11 am in the Promenade section of the library and will consist of tables with exhibitors displaying posters designed to educate the public regarding rare diseases for the purposes of increasing awareness, education, information and advocacy for those who suffer a rare disease. This year’s theme is “Join Together for Better Care.” Informational brochures, research and legislation updates and information regarding support groups will be displayed in the backdrop of Rare Disease Day colored festive balloons. At 12 noon a group photo will be taken and uploaded to the Internation Rare Disease Day website. Exhibitors will speak regarding their disease. The exhibit will close at 1 pm with plans to increase awareness in the coming year.