When Joey was two, he was sick. The doctor put him on antibiotics and motrin. But a day later, his skin was covered with patches that looked like burns.

I was confused– I had seen a rash like this before and when I brought him to the doctor, he also had difficulty recognizing it. They couldn’t figure out what the reason for this condition could be. It took about three months for us to finally get a diagnosis.

Sometimes it felt like he was being treated like a guinea pig. The doctors were giving him prescriptions that not only didnt work, but actually burned him. I can’t describe the pain my baby went through– and still there was no help.

I turned to homeopathic treatments that seemed to help a little, but he kept getting worse. His whole body was covered with red burn like patches and the bottom of his feet were sliced and cut up so much that I don’t know how he walked… His nails were so thick and crusty that they were falling off. It was heart-breaking.

Now we know that Joey has a disease called Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris. We’ve struggled with it for four years and to date there is still no cure. I have changed his diet and I have given him natural homeopathic baths and creams every day. He does look better then he was, but it is still lingering… He is a trooper and one of the happiest boys you’ll meet!