A ‘rare disease’ in the US is one that affects fewer than 200,000 citizens. Here at NHI, we have several students who live with such diseases.

To raise awareness of these afflictions and to show their support for their peers, NHI engaged in a week’s worth of activities leading up to Rare Disease Day. Starting on Monday, students started their day with Circle of Power and Respect sessions around topics of rare diseases.

One of the activities students were asked to participate in was a random act of kindness. Students did a good deed for someone else in honor of Rare Disease Day. Additionally, students were able to purchase ribbons for $1 at lunch on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to show their support of people with rare disease; all proceeds went to support people with rare diseases and their caregivers.

At the close of the week, Lt. Gov Rebecca Kleefisch will be delivering a proclamation on behalf of Gov. Walker declaring February 28th Rare Disease Day in Wisconsin. A select group of students will join the Lt. Gov. at NHI for this event.


Lt Governor Kleefisch presents our youngest and I with the school’s copy of Governor Scott Walker’s proclamation of Rare Disease Day to display in the school.


Lt Governor Kleefisch poses with Snappin’ Board Secretary, Tracy Haas, Snappin’ co-founder Steve Dittrich, and Executive Director Barb Ward Dittrich with Governor Scott Walker’s proclamation of Rare Disease Day.