A Foundation Building Strength is excited to announce funding of up to $1 million dollars to a winning grant who provides the best proposal on potential treatments for rare disease Nemaline Myopathy.

The organization’s mission to find new and innovate treatments for this disease which is a rare, congenital and hereditary neuromuscular disorder that causes multiple weaknesses that are generally non-progressive and varying from patient to patient in severity.

If they receive multiple viable proposals the organization plans for their scientific advisory board to divide the funds to each recipient as deemed necessary by their research proposal.

“Unfortunately, there is currently little to no research on NM,” says Erin Green, Director of Operations. “We have funded and conducted mouse and zebra fish model studies but our scientists need a larger platform of research conducted to begin working towards a treatment.”

AFBS has partnered with Dr. John Day at Stanford University this past year who is attempting to develop a muscle/neurology department specifically for NM research.

“We are hoping that candidates will have concrete suggestions and ideas in their proposals for ways to utilize new research to, essentially, take things to the next level for us,” states Green. “Our NM patient database is in need of a variety of support from treatment and physical care to emotional support and well-being, as some have more severe and debilitating physical handicaps than others.”

So who would be an appropriate candidate to apply for this funding?

In general, scientists, researchers, clinicians and medical doctors and all others with a medical background and experience would be encouraged to apply. Particularly those with an understanding of general neurology and muscle disorders.

All proposals should be submitted to A Foundation Building Strength  via email ([email protected]) or by snail-mail no later than June 1st at 5:00 PM PST. For questions, you can contact [email protected] or directly to the President, Marc Guillet, at [email protected].