All of last week and through April 20th, a special public service announcement (PSA) for The Neuropathy Association is being aired nationwide on Captivate Closed Circuit TV Network as part of our on-going national neuropathy awareness and educational campaign.

This PSA can be viewed on over 8,000 wireless digital screens in 800+ office building elevators across the U.S. It informs viewers about neuropathy’s symptoms, the importance of getting an early diagnosis, and the resources the Neuropathy Association provides to help the over 20,000,000—1 in 15—Americans living with this debilitating disease.

Bringing visibility to the neuropathy epidemic is critical—and the work of making this happen is ongoing. And, it requires action from every one of us—patients, health care professionals, caregivers, policymakers, among others.

As one patient recently shared with us “Maybe more awareness of this terrible disease will bring positive changes…”

Positive change does not happen with “maybe”:  positive change happens each time we act, talk, share, participate, and contribute…it happens every time we do something to change the status quo. We need YOU fighting with us: join the fight for a better future for all of us in the neuropathy community!

Preview the PSA here.