On May 18th, 19-year old Michael Rothman—diagnosed in 2010 with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (or CIDP—an autoimmune form of neuropathy)—and his family will host their third annual MIKE MILE at High Ridge Park in Stamford, Connecticut.

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Aimed at raising awareness for CIDP and fundraising to support CIDP research being conducted at Columbia University Medical Center (1 of 15 Neuropathy Association-designated Centers of Excellence), the event is sure to be an exciting one for all of us in the neuropathy community!

The Rothman family also created “Team Mike,” comprising family, friends, and supporters who participate in runs/walks across the country to help tell Michael’s inspiring story of hope. They designed “Team Mike” t-shirts that they wear to help get the word out. “We have had people come up to us and ask, ‘What’s Team Mike about?’…and we tell them about Michael, our efforts to help him, and CIDP. It’s helping tremendously to raise awareness for this debilitating disease that is just not on the public’s radar,” Michael’s older sister Rachel Rothman explains.

Michael recently shared, “I may never have the stability to be a hockey player, but I do not let that stop me from doing everything a teenager my  age wants to do. While learning about CIDP, I discovered that major advancements have been made in the development of treatment options for people with CIDP in recent years; and, yet, much more needs to be done. I wanted to help, and with the assistance of my parents, we founded The Michael D. Rothman CIDP Research Fund at Columbia to support research that facilitates a more conclusive diagnosis of CIDP to help people who are not as fortunate as I was.”

Michael is an inspiration to all of us who want—and are working towards—a better future for over 20,000,000 Americans devastated by a neuropathy diagnosis as well as the millions more who are caring for them.