Across the nation, patients, caregivers, health care professionals, friends and family members are preparing for National Eosinophil Awareness Week (NEAW), May 18-24, 2014.  Join the American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders as they step up efforts during NEAW to teach others about eosinophil-associated diseases, an emerging healthcare problem worldwide, and how lives are affected by these diseases.

Ways to Get Involved from the APED

  • Share our fact sheet and  “Can you say ‘Eosinophilic‘ flyer, with friends, family, health care providers, and businesses in your community
  • Share facts about eosinophil-associated diseases on your social media pages
  • Change your social media profile image to a NEAW ribbon (see bottom of this page for graphics you may download)
  • Share your story by sending a letter or email to family and friends. A sample letter is provided
  • Ask media outlets to run a story about eosinophil-associated diseases.A sample letter to the editor is provided
  • Share our Public Service Announcements with local radio and tv stations
  • Encourage family and friends to watch our awareness week and our “Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases” videos
  • Pass out DumDum pops along with our “Dum Dums are a Food Group” flyer or “A Treat is Neat” card
  • Distribute educational materials to health care providers and area businesses
  • Organize a fundraiser to benefit research of eosinophil-associated diseases. For help, email
  • Join the National Eosinophil Awareness Week community on Facebook

Day by Day Guide of Suggested Activities 

Educate (Sunday)

  • Post factabout eosinophil associated diseases to your social media page/s
  • Contact local media and share your story. A sample letter to the editor and Public Service Announcements are provided
  • Distribute educational materials to health care providers and area businesses

Donate (Monday)

Unite (Tuesday)

  • Coordinate a get-together with local eos families to celebrate NEAW, or work together to plan a fundraiser
  • Become a member of APFED and ask a friend to join as well
  • Register for APFED’s Annual Patient Education Conference
  • Join or start a local support group
  • Join the National Eosinophil Awareness Week community on Facebook

Change (Wednesday)

  • Change the way others view your disease by sharing your story

Awareness (Thursday)

  • Wear a magenta colored t-shirt to school or work and encourage your friends and colleagues to so the same.
  • Change your social media profile picture and banner to the NEAW logo (see below)
  • Share APFED’s fact sheet about eosinophil-associated diseases or “Can you say ‘Eosinophilic?” flyer

Thank (Friday)

  • Reach out to those who have been supportive of your journey with eos to thank them
  • Thank health care providers for their support and care
  • Thank legislators who support issues important to our community

Engage  (Saturday)

  •  Invite family, friends, and others to experience dietary limitations (Suggestion: Eat Like Us for a Day Challenge)
  • Create a community fundraising walk at your school or workplace, or organize a Hope on the Horizon Walk to benefit APFED’s research fund

► Download our Day by Day Guide of Suggested Activities flyer and share with others