Within the first two weeks of launching an ambitious campaign on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, more than $10,000 have been raised to support post-production of In Crystal Skin, an intimate documentary of four individuals challenged by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a skin disease so rare that it is not considered commercially viable to develop a cure.

In Crystal Skin – Indiegogo Campaign Video! from Michaela O’Brien on Vimeo.

This character-driven documentary explores the private lives of four characters battling EB in Bogotá, Colombia: two sisters who tend to each others’ wounds in a crowded orphanage, a ten-year-old girl crossing the threshold of a complicated adolescence, and a middle-aged foot-messenger searching for a companion in a bustling city.
Filmmakers Michaela O’Brien and Melissa Langer have traveled between Bogotá and Boston for three years and now seek to raise $25,000 to finish the film for festival submission in the Spring of 2015.

Director/Producer/Cinematographer O’Brien notes her team’s perseverance, “what inspired us to create this film in the first place – the voices and stories of those living with a rare disease – is what drives us to complete a documentary which will reach a wide audience.”

Woven together with interviews from both medical experts and advocates, the camera unflinchingly and intimately observes the quiet routines and unspoken meditations of individuals managing daily life with one of the world’s 7,000 rare diseases. Emotionally engaging and visually stirring, In Crystal Skin offers glimpses of the grit and resolute optimism embodied by those with EB and brings their stories out of anonymity.

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