Michael Sexton is a 24-year-old Californian and the only person in the nation living with a disease known as Sarcoid Myopathy. It’s a disease that attacks muscle functions and hasn’t been seen in the United States since the early 1970s.

Earlier this week, Michael’s struggle for independence was featured on a popular website known as The Chive and more than $200,000 in donations from “Chivers” around the world came pouring in. The campaign to raise funds for Michael started at The Dive at Harrah’s Rincon Valley and grew through the online fundraising website GoFundMe.com.

The donations he receives will be put toward building Michael his own living space. For the past several years, Michael has had to live his life in one room of his Torrance home where he sleeps, showers and uses the restroom. But, now he will finally regain his freedom after some big help from Internet.

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