2014 Rare Patient Advocacy Summit Videos

Day 1: Thursday- September 11, 2014


Opening Remarks & Session 1: Caregivers- Strategies to Stay Afloat


Innovations in Science Presentation Brief 1: RARE Science


Session 2: The E-Patient Revolution


Innovations in Science Presentation Brief 2: American MedChem


Session 3: Shaping Regulatory Policies That Put Patients First


Day 2: Friday- September 12, 2014


Opening Remarks



Session 4: Patient-Centered Benefit-Risk Assessment: Why It Matters To You



Session 4: Deep Dive- Mobilizing Your Community For Patient-Focused Drug Development



Innovations In Science Presentation 3: Project Violet



Session 5: The Unstoppable Charity



Session 5 Deep Dive: Missions, Goals and Strategic Planning



Session 6: Transition and Transformation- Rare Disease In Adolenscence and Adulthood



Session 7: Preparing For Success- Lobbying At The State and Federal Level



Innovations In Science Presentation Brief 4: Immunosoft



Session 8: Putting Into Practice- 21st Century Cures



Session 9: The Must-Have Collaborations For Successful Drug Development

Session 9 Part 1



Session 9 Part 2