Patients, long passive participants in the drug research and development process, are playing a more active role, and the value of their input is being recognized by researchers, drugmakers, and regulators. The 21st Century Cures Act, sweeping legislation now pending in Congress, would help solidify that role by providing opportunities for patient input into the regulatory process. We spoke to Kim McCleary, managing director of FasterCures, about the legislation, why it matters, and how it will change the role of patients.

1 thought on “RARECast: How the 21st Century Cures Act Puts Patients at the Table”

  1. Jess Rabourn says:

    I wasn’t surprised to hear so little about Expanded Access, because there is so little in 21st C Cures that relates to Expanded Access. I was however, quite surprised that the new Faster Cures director failed to mention that as something that could have or should have been included in the proposed legislation.

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