The world of healthcare is changing and patients today are taking a greater role in determining and coordinating their own care. Technology is playing a critical role in enabling the new patient of today and Yabidu and its online care notebook is an example of the types of tools allowing patients to become active participants in the process. We spoke to Todd Kozikowski, CEO and founder of Yabidu, about the company, how patients use its platform, and the ways technology is allowing patients to take control of their own healthcare medical records.


Todd will be speaking at the 2015 Patient Advocacy Summit on how to organize everything from your multiple medical specialist, appointments, test results and more. Learn more about the summit and how you can get involved here.

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  1. Elise Smith says:

    I have been suffering since childhood with both chronic and acute conditions. I met with a genetic counselor who would not test. She reported no gene markers for current diagnosis. The literature I’ve read disputes this I have cervical dystonia, POTS, dysautonomia, early advanced atherosclerosis and I have developed multi drug hypersensitivity. I had Steven Johnson’s syndrome at 12, plavix caused ER for severe edema. Joint pain, rash. I had acute hepatic reaction to macrobid and have now have many allergies on previously taken meds. I have some joint hypermobility but not in all joints. I’ve had subluxation in two joints. My fatigue has become life altering. I am still working as an RN manager. But I am almost nonfunctional with other ADL I ADLS. I don’t know where to turn for answers. That is the cliff note version.

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