The high cost and amount of time it takes to develop drugs has people looking for alternative strategies in finding new treatments. One such approach is called “repurposing” or finding new uses for already approved drugs.

This is particularly compelling for rare diseases where small patient populations may not be as compelling for drug developers to make treatments for, leaving the community’s need for therapeutics largely unmet.

We spoke to Bruce Bloom, President and Chief Science Officer of Cures Within Reach, which launched the crowdsourcing platform CureAccelerator to fund repurposing research for rare diseases.

Bloom discussed the benefits of repurposing, how the CureAccelerator will work, and why he believes the initiative could help to build a new approach to repurposing research and developing treatments for rare disease.

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  1. carolyn D says:

    Yes but they gave my husband a drug used for lowering blood pressure to alleave prostate a problem but it lowered his blood pressure so he couldn’t stand without getting dizzy, then hospital gave him a drug to raise his blood pressure. I had to go with him to his Dr. to get off those meds and get a different prostate medication.

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