Global Genes will be celebrating World Rare Disease Day (February 29th) 2016 with an appearance on the celebrated Lifetime Channel original morning show, The Balancing Act–as part of Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic.

Check out the programs teaser trailer for the upcoming segment below.


2 thoughts on “Global Genes to be Featured on Behind the Mystery on Lifetime for World Rare Disease Day 2016”

  1. Janet Mills says:

    That is excellent! I will set my DVR to record it.

  2. Rita Shaw says:

    Hello, as a affiliate company of Walgreens I thought I found my answer. I have been diagnosed with hypopituitism, adrenal disorders, electrolyte imbalances, possible hemacrosisitis, Pineal cyst, EBV, Charolotte Marie tooth,Mri’s showed within right side is prominence of Nasopharyngeal soft tissue-could it causes sinus and allergy, sleep disorder? Also showed right side mastoiditis with fluid signals in mastoid air cells which is progressing from previous studies, chronic virus and bacterial infections 2007 severe MRSA, I can not find anyone who can correctly diagnose me or treat me in RI ,it’s been 11 years now can you do genetic testing or know who could?Please I am begging you, also possible TBI , I am getting so depressed and hopeless without any help anywhere. Sincerely, Rita Shaw 401-215-9730

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