Why didn’t they teach them about this in medical school?

It’s a question many rare patients and their families ask over and over again when faced with clueless medical professionals who are often years into their practices. With so many diseases and specialties to fit into a curriculum, the rare disease portion can get minimized and not all doctors will recognize a rare diseases even when they come face to face with it.

Which is why we’re working hard to eliminate the unfamiliarity through programs like the David R. Cox Prize for Rare Compassion.

Global Genes™ is proud to partner with Students Advocates for Neglected Diseases (STAND) to present the third David R. Cox Prize for Rare Compassion, an essay program that connects medical students with the rare patient community.

This Essay Contest will require medical students to connect to and build a relationship with a patient or family affected by a rare disease. The essay submission will document their experience and interaction with their rare patient or family. Winners will receive a cash prize and will have the opportunity to participate in the 2016 RARE Patient Advocacy Summit and Tribute to Champions of Hope in September.

Are you a family that would like to participate and have a chance to educate your own medical student? See instructions for entering and details here. 

2 thoughts on “Matching Rare Families to Medical Students: A New Era of Education for Doctors”

  1. Janis S Enarson says:

    I think this is an excellent idea! There is not an area available to me. However, I was first diagnosed with MPA at the Univ. of Iowa Medical Clinics by the head of the rhuematology department, and various Fellows would come in and examine me before he did. Then I would listen as they discussed my medical issues and diagnosis. I liked that!

  2. Patricia Youngross says:

    Will there be a repeat performance for 2017? I have MPO ANCA Vasculitis and used to teach, so I think I could teach someone about my journey.

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