Organization: Noonan Syndrome Foundation

The Noonan Syndrome Foundation is proud to present the 2016 Noonan Syndrome Conference. It is a bi-annual conference that is held to support, educate and raise awareness for those with Noonan syndrome. This year the conference is being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Mall of America Hotel on July 21-23, 2016. There will be two days full of speakers of various topics that are important to those that are affected by NS. There will also be a family fun day, a family social, and a banquet in addition to the speakers.

For more information on the conference or to register, please visit , call 866-875-8928 or email

1 thought on “2016 Noonan Syndrome Conference, July 21-23”

  1. Dave Mathis continue to focus forward witk his life journey. Dave was diagnosed with Noonan 41 years ago and has had to wear heavy leg braces all his life. On Saturday, for the second time, Dave completed a 5K. Though this does not seem like much for those that are able bodied, this is a miracle for him given his multiple birth defects. He continues to inspire others, thru many speaking engagements.
    Dave is an inspiration to his family, friends, and strangers.
    The crowd went wild when he crossed
    the finish line at the 5K race. As his mother, His journey in life story continues to amaze me everyday.

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