BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics is developing innovative, autologous stem cell therapies for debilitating neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS. Its platform technology induces mesenchymal stem cells to secrete high levels of neuro-protective factors that promote the survival of neurons. We spoke to Chaim Lebovits, CEO of BrainStorm, about ALS, the company’s platform technology, how the company’s approach may be able to address a range of neurodegenerative diseases.

1 thought on “Programming Stem Cells to Protect Neurons in ALS”

  1. Rita Shaw says:

    What about those of us still waiting for diagnosis, with more and more co-illnesses adding up.
    At age 2 I had tonsils and adrenal removed , infection so bad couldn’t eat. My brother had bacterial meningitis around same time. My other brother had cleft palate.
    I had a infection at least every year, mostly ear, strep, and 13, enlarged spleen , liver 105 temp, sprained ankles many times, red line up leg from it at 13, 16 street throat- white sores on tongue, constant cysts bursting on ovaries, uterus, 24 first child natural, she would stop breathing when drinking bottle 1st month, she has adhd, learning disabilities, bipolar, family history of all both breathing when infant.
    26 2nd child natural, boy, has von willabrands disease, his biological uncle also does, that had meningitis, long history of anxiety, I had agoraphobia with panic attacks, ptsd, Gad, than depression. Multi generations have had anxiety issues. Along with learning disabilities, bipolar…maternal grandmother had severe spinal hump – thought to be Ankylosing Spondylitis, my step sister also had hump, do not know fathers health information. 28- severe dysplasia cervical, had surgery,had to be displayed many times, to reopen uterus , very painful, 30 bronchitis, laryngitis, pneunomia 2004 calls started hurting daily, along with numb , tingling finger tips., infections continued every year once or more. 2005 severe whiplash car accident, minor concussion 3rd in health history, pain progressed myotis and myalgia, knots on upper spine , pain constant neck, and mid back. Mris – multi level spondyotis with bulge, osteophytes, stenosis press on nerves,
    Thoratic spine T4_T5 congential fused vertebrae. Spine,
    2006- severe mrsa on ankle 6/2006
    Surgery September 2006 for Mrsa
    7/2006 – diagnosed chronic glomerulonephritis kidney disease with small white kidneys with undignoised pathological lesion in right kidney… blood in urine, electrolyte imbalance, vitamin D still continuing from 2005
    Muscle weakness, Periherial neuropathy, slowed….2007 both feet operated on deformed foot and calf.. cavus foot structure. Family positive for claw hands , toes..
    Pain becomes chronic joints , muscles, lumbar- abnormal signal small focal intensity in foci areas along superior and anterior vertebrae end plates of edema of spine? Sorry this test not in my tablet record, but message was shiny corner sign, as noted in early Anklosing Spondylitis…
    Few more diagnosis – reactive arthritis, Lyme tests came out high on Elisa 121 , 146 negative on western, diagnosed fibromyalgia.
    Left dr, 2009, found new dr in 2011,
    Extensive blood work, anterior pituitary disorder, adrenal deficiencies, cellitius, hyplori infection, high tilters ebv VCA IGG, Ebna IGG, dehydrated, have been so about 15 or more times since 2007.
    Drink alot, do not pea alot? 56 now period was gone for a year, but returned this month. Hypokelma, low iron, ferritin, transferritin %17, Igf1-37
    Hi am choking on fluids and food constantly, my son is afraid to leave me alone. I live in RI, if you look at there grades you will know that I’ve found little help. I want to go to Boston for all of us , test for BHI and blood spot, but would like to also be checked in and have all tests run to see what is attacking my body..I have neighborhood intregity…. I don’t know where to start with a regular dr, and I think They are intimidated by my amount of chronic illnesses and symptoms… I know you don’t give advice , I am not asking for some though I’d love to finally have some. But wondered if you could reccommend where I should start, hormones, kidneys etc, or if You could refer me for investigation and treatment at women’s Brigham hospital overnight? Or if you know of some expert in RI espically of the immune system? I have more like right side mastoiditis, pharyngitis tissue on MRI, adenoids lymphoid tissue enlargement, my nose is always running, maybe connected.
    Please I count! I’m a person who deserves help as much as anyone else. It’s been so had to work all my life to 44 than become disabled, isolated,chronic fatigued, weak, I feel I’m watching my life fly by from my windows, instead of participating like I wish so badly I could…. it’s so depressing…when hope is gone.

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