Author: Suzi More, Rare Diseases only try to stop mePatient or Advocate: Susan PytwanDisease Affiliation:
I am a semiretired voice teacher, recitalist, composer, & recording artist, fighting several complicated diseases since 2005. I spent 40 years performing in Early Music Groups, oratorio & operatic performances, Baroque Ensembles & composing.. My Rheumatologist told me in 2003 I 3 IGg subclass deficiencies & an IGM deficiency. I began taking monthly gammastan & B12 shots but never imagined that by 2010 the supply stopped. Around 2005, I had started have various size lipomas removed from my body. I was told they were benign. I sometimes had complications (infections) after surgery & asked for antibiotics. Always ignored, I would be back w/infections. I gained 100 pounds in 5 years and If I hadn’t googled “lipoma” & found Dr. Karen Herbst, Endocrinologist at Banner Hospital in Tucson, I might be dead by now. Within the years, she diagnosed me, I have lost 50 pounds & slowly am working my way to a healthier life.