Amy Grover

“My Disease Stumped 72 Doctors” One Man’s Story of Decrum’s Disease
By Brian Sirk I have this rare disease, it’s called Dercum’s Disease. I was diagnosed with Decrum’s nine years ago. Before that I… Continue Reading
Allergic to Being Cold? Mysterious Diagnosis Stumps Doctors Until Very Last Test
by Jennifer Cole It was a total of seven years of being misdiagnosed until recently this past June I took my daughter to the allergist.… Continue Reading
Liam James, Our Superhero
By Tracey S. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together blissfully for over 10 years. In December 2012 we were ready… Continue Reading
The Breath of Life: Thanks to Organ Donor, Scleroderma Patient Lives On
It was in late November 1998, I was a 24-year-old mother of two children who was noticing that my right index finger was turning a blue/… Continue Reading
Infant Daughter’s Unusual Seizure Urgently Sends Parents to Children’s Hospital
Emma was born on March 20, 2015 via c-section (planned-a repeat) after a healthy and normal pregnancy. She seemed to be a perfectly healthy… Continue Reading
The Long Road to a CVID Diagnosis in a Patient Who Refused to Give Up
It all started back in January of 2007. I was on a cruise ship and we were dock in St Thomas. I got sick on the second day of the cruise. I… Continue Reading
“They Told Me To Go Home and Get My Affairs In Order,” Says Pulmonary Hypertension Patient
Submitted by Susie Alvarez On June 30, 1992, on my drive home from work, I had a crushing pain in my chest as though someone was sitting on… Continue Reading
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