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Low Immunoglobulin, High Alpha Protein—Could it be Ataxia Telangiectasia?
by Annie Pienaar Anle was born at full term. Her weight was 2,7 and 49 cm. She accomplished all her milestones at the right time–sitting,… Continue Reading
World Upturned When Nurse Epidemiologist Comes Down with Reoccurring Meningitis
by Cynthia McCoy Mollaret’s Meningitis began for me in 1993 at about 4:00 AM. I awoke with an incredible headache, stiff neck and being a… Continue Reading
Beating Mal De Barquement
First off, MdDS can go to hell. WHAT IS MdDS? Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (or MdDS) is an imbalance or rocking/swaying sensation often both… Continue Reading
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Whole Exome Sequencing Leads to Helsmoortel-van der Aa Syndrome Diagnosis
Zella Celeste Eichenberger was born on December 23rd of 2014. The youngest of four children and the daughter of a pediatrician, as an… Continue Reading
My Fight to Raise Awareness for Mollaret’s Meningitis
Have you heard of Mollaret’s Meningitis? Neither had I until April 2016 when I got the official name of my rare form of viral meningitis… Continue Reading
On a Limb and a Prayer: Diagnosed with Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome
Three-year-old Akshaj sounds mature for his age. But his precocity may have come at a significant cost. Akshaj suffers from Klippel… Continue Reading
Wally Travels Worldwide for Cantú Treatment
Wally was born at 34 weeks October 16th, 2014. He was diagnosed with Syndrome Cantú at four months old. In early 2016, genetic results… Continue Reading
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