Amy Grover

“They Told Me To Go Home and Get My Affairs In Order,” Says Pulmonary Hypertension Patient
Submitted by Susie Alvarez On June 30, 1992, on my drive home from work, I had a crushing pain in my chest as though someone was sitting on… Continue Reading
Irish Twins Search for Answers for Bizarre Symptoms
It all started in England where I was a lecturer in social work. I was in my mid forties. I was becoming more and more tired, with repeated… Continue Reading
Teen Endures Cyber Bullying After Excruciating Diagnosis
My daughter, Mikayla, is 15 years old. She has had headaches and seizures all of her life. Last year we found out the “why” of it all.… Continue Reading
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This Patient Never Dreamed Her Stomach Pain Would Lead to Complex Diagnosis
Nina Perez knew something was wrong when her symptoms started to progress. She never dreamed that her diagnosis would be  Budd-Chiari… Continue Reading
Sudden Seizure Spurs CDKL5 Diagnosis for Kaleah
Kaleah is a very happy and active two-year-old little girl. I can see it in her eyes that she longs to be normal, to participate in the… Continue Reading
Life Forever Altered: My Diagnosis of Gastroparesis
I didn’t use to be the kind of person who shares her personal information – but things have changed since February 2014, when I spent a… Continue Reading
The Story of Sam’s Rare Diagnosis
Until February 2013, our two-year-old son, Sam, was a completely normal child.  There were no problems during my pregnancy or his… Continue Reading