Daniel S. Levine

Daniel S. Levine is editor of Rare Daily. You can contact him by sending email to editor@globalgenes.org

Don’t Forget About the Adults
I am laying down thinking to myself why? So many whys to ask about. Why do I have a rare disease that nobody can treat? Why am I in so much… Continue Reading
Ghana Marks World Rare Disease Day for the First Time
This year’s World Rare Disease Day marked the first time an event has been organized in Ghana to support rare diseases. The event, dubbed… Continue Reading
Rare Leader: Lale’ Welsh, CEO of the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation
The Basics Name: Lale’ Welsh Title: CEO   Organization: Neuromuscular Disease Foundation Disease focus: GNE myopathy, or HIBM (Hereditary… Continue Reading
Video: Genetic Testing and Its Impact on One Life
Huntington’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that is fatal. Though the age of onset of the disease varies, on average… Continue Reading
Kendall Square’s North Plaza Renamed to Honor Rare Disease Pioneer Henri Termeer
Rare Daily Staff One of the celebrations of World Rare Disease Day occurred in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Kendall Square’s north… Continue Reading
Nightstar Therapeutics Initiates Late-Stage Trial of Experimental Gene Therapy for Rare Retinal Disorder
Rare Daily Staff Nightstar Therapeutics said it has initiated a late-stage trial of its NSR-REP1, an experimental gene therapy for patients… Continue Reading
Gotta Catch ‘Em All
I know more about Pokémon than I care to admit having raised three kids who are now adults. While I’m at a point in life where I’m… Continue Reading