Hannah Meddaugh

My name is Hannah Meddaugh and I am an undergraduate student majoring in genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I hope to pursue a career in genetic counseling after graduationI am thrilled to be joining the Global Genes Team as their blog’s Celebrity Correspondent. My RARE Blog Series will focus on popular culture, specifically celebrities connected to a rare disease community. Each month I will profile a famous actor, musician or athlete who is either personally affected by a disease, or who has donated a significant amount of time or money to a specific rare community.

I first became interested in the Global Genes Project after searching for ways to become more involved in medical advocacy, a cause that has always been near to my heart. My family has been affected by multiple chronic illnesses, so I have experienced first-hand how frustrating and unsupportive the medical industry can be.

Joining this unique online community became an opportunity to provide context for my frustrations, and to meet other outstanding individuals who have experienced similar struggles. After following stories for several months, I started submitting pieces as a Guest Blogger, and absolutely loved it.

More about me? I’m obsessed with medical oddities, avant-garde theatrical performances, and chocolate-covered-anything. I live with two fluffy cats and a goldfish, Rhonda, who is almost 11 years old. I am addicted to primetime television and obscure documentaries, and I have been known to purchase a celebrity-gossip magazine from time to time.

Please follow me on Twitter @HRMeadow for updates and links to all sorts of things. Tweet me the names of celebrities you would like to see profiled in upcoming months!

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My name is Hannah Meddaugh and I am an undergraduate student majoring in genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I hope to… Continue Reading

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