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The Employment Plan | Joan Friedlander
In 1998, after several years of trial and error with a variety of medical treatments and some bizarre side-symptoms, I was finally diagnosed… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: My Recent Adventures with Insurance and Remicade
by Joan Friedlander I’ve been receiving Remicade infusions for treatment of Crohn’s Disease for over 10 years now. Until a year ago, I… Continue Reading
What to Tell People About Your Rare Disease, or Not
By Joan Friedlander In a previous post, When Illness Messes with Your Promises, I briefly touched on the issue of communicating with people… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: A New Year’s Resolution for Rare Disease Patients
by Joan Friedlander When people first hire me to coach them, before we do anything, we establish intended outcomes for our working… Continue Reading
3 Illuminating Career Questions for Young Adults Living with Rare Disease
By Joan Friedlander I recently participated in a panel discussion at the CureDuchenne Family Summit in California. We talked about the… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Making the Big Decisions Easy
by Joan Friedlander Are you at a point where you feel like you’re ready to step up your engagement in the world, yet concerned that if you… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Is Your Doctor “The One?”
by Joan Friedlander Note: this article represents the author’s experience and should not be construed as medical advice. Over the course… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Does Your Environment Nourish or Deplete?
By Joan Friedlander A lot of people live and work in environments that aren’t healthy for them, and they will put up with a lot in… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Should Work Be Easy When You Live with a Chronic Illness?
by Joan Friedlander No matter your age or your life’s circumstances, the question about how to earn a good living doing work you enjoy is… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Disease Day or Work Day?
by Joan Friedlander Shortly after receiving her diagnosis of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD), Norene got a hold of a copy of… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: When Illness Messes with Your Promises
by Joan Friedlander Correctly, or not, our trust in and our reliance on others – and ourselves – is built on promises. It’s deemed… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Get to Know Your Energy Flow
by Joan Friedlander No doubt you’ve heard the terms “morning person” and “night owl.” They are terms used to describe the innate… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Forget Goals, Try a Theme Approach
by Joan Friedlander This is the time of year that inspires people in the modern world to wipe the slate clean and set new goals for the… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Asking For Help, Who’s Keeping Score?
by Joan Friedlander   Ah yes, asking for help, step 4 in “Business from Bed.”  You’d think I would have it down by now, but I… Continue Reading
Adapting to Limitations: Self-Care and Family During the Holidays
Meet “Julia,” a university professor who suffers from chronic pancreatitis. She is often in pain and certain foods aggravate her… Continue Reading
A Broken Wrist Demands Adaptation: Dealing With The Risk of Rare Injury
Many rare diseases can cause injury-like symptoms, disjointedness or actual broken bones. Joan Friedlander takes us through her experience… Continue Reading
The Employment Plan – Where Do You Start?
by Joan Friedlander   Meet Cass. Cass is one in a million, yet representative of so many people struggling to put their career back… Continue Reading
The Employment Plan: You Are Not Alone
This is an excerpt from author Joan Friedlander’s book Business From Bed. Illness, typically considered a sign of weakness, is a taboo… Continue Reading
Global Genes is proud to introduce our newest team of series writers, authors, and guest bloggers. Joan Friedlander | Adapting to… Continue Reading
Global Genes™ Launches RARE Daily, Innovative Online News Magazine
Global Genes’ RARE Blog has been reimagined to bring more opportunities for rare disease patients to learn and stay informed on important… Continue Reading

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