2016 RARE Patient Advocacy Summit to be Streamed LIVE on 9/22-9/23

September 13, 2016

Every parent, patient, caregiver, advocate and clinician has the right to learn how to best equip themselves against the confusion and misinformation in the medical community. Life is particularly perplexing for those with rare diseases. How can they best advocate for themselves? Should they join a clinical trial? Should they try genetic testing?

These and questions like them will all be answered during our annual two day Patient Advocacy Summit where speakers from all over the globe will come together to bring the latest and greatest information to individuals who need it most—whether they’re sitting directly in front of them in that room—or by their child’s hospital bed 10,000 miles away.

Join us in becoming the strongest, most informed community yet by registering for the 2016 Rare Patient Advocacy Livestream event by clicking here.

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