5 Immediate Reactions You’ll Have at the 2015 RARE Patient Advocacy Summit

July 27, 2015

Did you miss it last year and are ready to get into the action this year? We knew you were a smart cookie. This year’s 2015 RARE Patient Advocacy Summit will have incredible speakers, knowledge straight from the source, and will give you the kind of personal experiences that most patients and their caregivers don’t get to have year-round. Wondering what you should expect upon joining us at this lush, Huntington Beach Resort? Here’s some emotional reactions you might have as you enter the doors.



You’ve waited all month–all year for the Global Genes Patient Advocacy Summit–you are totally decked out in denim and ribbon. You’ve got a clean, fresh notebook in hand and you WILL come out of this weekend as a rare disease CHAMPION.

2. Connected:


These are your soul sisters–and brothers. They are on your identical emotional and diagnostic journey. You are of the same tribe. Maybe at lunch you can start a campfire! (I mean, if you really wanted to skip the crazy delicious luncheon waiting for you.)

3. Understood:


They just know. Who you are–what horrible experiences you’ve had to go through to get here-to strive to be a great patient advocate for you, your child, or your community. We get you.

4. Compassion For Others:


Pity boils up to the surface for those friends who thought you’d be paling under fluorescent lights–when in reality you’re basically sitting through the best rare “TedTalk” while in sunny California right on the ocean.

5. Determined.

giphy (4)

 Armed with new connection, eye-opening presentations and stories of success over great adversity, you’ll leave the 2015 Global Genes Patient Advocacy Summit as an empowered, unstoppable force that can propel forth against anything that gets in your way of a cure.

Are you ready? Learn more about the Patient Advocacy Summit now!

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