6-Year-Old Louisiana Boy With a Rare Neurodegenerative Disease Searches For Hope

July 13, 2013

Just 30 seconds of your time can change someone’s life. All it requires is for you to click a button and this will make little Alexander Moses’s life better. Known as ‘Xan’ by his siblings, the six-year-old is dying from a rare degenerative brain disease and his wish is to achieve million Facebook fans.


Xan is currently being treated at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at UPMC and resides along with his family at the Ronald McDonald House, reports Huffington Post.

Jennifer Moses, Xan’s mother, said that she shifted her son from Louisiana to Pittsburgh with the hope that the doctors could identify her son’s strange symptoms and offer better treatment options for Xan’s condition, which everyday takes away another part of him.

“I know time is running out for him,” Moses was quoted in “I know it in my gut. I see it. I’m watching it happen.”

Despite several surgeries, scans and genetic testing, the doctors fail to identify the real cause. All they understand is that Xan’s brain is degenerating, which is slowly affecting his eyesight and arresting his movements.

Xan was quoted in the Daily Mail saying, “My muscles squeeze together and it hurts all the time.”

Xan, who is confident that he can make his last wish come true, says the innumerable messages he gets from people from across the country help him undergo innumerable painful treatments.

“I love him the very best that I can, with all that I have,” mom Moses said. “Every minute that I have him, I ‘snuggle bug’ with him at night. He cuddles up next to me and holds me and puts his arms around me and talks about what’s going on with him, and I soak it up. I want him to know that he’s made me a better person, that he changed my whole life just by being in it.”

If you want to make a difference in Xan’s life CLICK HERE. Till now his has gained nearly 146,363 likes on his fan page.

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