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June 13, 2012

Stacey Curry, owner and designer at Star Hitched Wagon™, was born and raised in rural Montana, where the beauty of the plains and mountains fueled her creativity.  She began designing and selling jewelry to family as well as friends at the tender age of 16. She continued to cultivate her creativity and developed her own line featuring one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. In 2003, she introduced her products on the Internet and a star was born, Star Hitched Wagon™ that is.

Stacey originally found out about 7000 Bracelets for Hope™ early 2011 when one of my bead/jewelry idols, Lori Anderson, decided to host the 7000 Bracelets for Hope™ Blog Hop.  Here are her thoughts about the program and why she participates.

As a small business owner and artist, I want to help out where I can, most times it is not monetarily but by donating a piece of my art.  The 7000 Bracelets for Hope™ program  is a very easy way that I can help out, and many times over and over again.  My hope is that the small contribution of a bracelet or two or three might just be a bright spot in a families day.  May it be a reminder that they are being held in our hearts and in our prayers.

I am passionate about creating. I can’t imagine a life without it. I have been at it for so long that I would be lost without it. My Mom inspired the passion of creativity, she was creative, she crocheted, did ceramics, and baked. She was wonderful about including my sisters and I when we were younger.

My Dad let us create in the garage with his tools and scraps of wood. There wasn’t really a right or wrong way – they just let us do what we were inspired to do. So I feel I have always been creatively awake. I am blessed.

Jewelry design is magic, when it all comes together, perfection. I love Bali and Thai silver and rarely make a piece without one or both. Gemstones and pearls make me giddy. Garnets and jaspers are my favorites. Really they are all treasures that speak to me in different ways. By creating,  I hope that the one who wears it will also “hear” its magic.

People ask me where my inspirations come from? Is there a theme? Is it the same thing over and over? Well, I will say nature is an unending source of inspiration for me. I love being outdoors, walking, looking, taking it all in. I am amazed at the huge bare tree or one full of big beautiful green leaves. I am equally amazed at the itty bitty snail hiding under a fallen branch. When in this environment my mind is clear.

I love running and walking at the local “lake” or “woods”, there I am truly at peace, fully aware of my abundant blessings. I can clear out and then let the inspiration come in. I can see a new color combination in the bare brown trees covered with bits of snow, maybe white agate with picture jasper. Or the lake covered with snow, this could mean amazonite and white freshwater pearls. It could be a name – I see a wide open space, it is beautiful and quiet and I feel so calm, this could lead to me adding a “Clearing” or “Reset” or “Anew” to my collection.

Inspiration comes in many different forms and while I can always find inspiration in nature I, too, find it in the most random of places or moods. A beautiful painting with certain colors inspires yet another new color combination. A quote brings press about a feeling which translates into a new named set. A random stranger’s outfit inspires a design. Truly with this art, the sky is the limit.

Stacey currently resides in Wyoming with her husband, Steve, their three beautiful children, one fine looking chocolate lab, and one feisty Cairn Terrier.

Stacey can be found on the web at any one of the following sites:

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