ACA University- The Facts Not the Fiction, a Webinar

February 25, 2014

Global Genes will be helping to facilitate a webinar with the ACA University. The webinar will be live on Wednesday 2/26 at 11am PST. This is part of an ongoing webinar series on the Affordable Care Act’s most notable reforms and their effects on employers, consumers and healthcare providers.
Enrollment in ACA’s exchange plans was off to a slow start at the end of last year. The troubled functions of various online enrollment sites now seem to be largely fixed, and enrollment in both health plans and in Medicaid is ticking upward. Most are enrolling in Silver plans and many are using their new coverage to access services to obtain prescriptions and other products. In addition, most enrollees already had health coverage, but new customers are exploring their new coverage. Many issues are emerging, including what increased utilization may mean for health costs, how consumers are reacting to high cost sharing and what they are paying in premiums, how providers are coping with new patients and the remaining operational and technical issues related to exchanges. In Washington and the states, policy changes related to the employer mandate and new rules for switching policies continue to foster uncertainty about what may come next.

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