Ambry Genetics CEO and Director of Medical Affairs to Appear on the Lifetime series ‘Access Health’

November 15, 2016

Ambry Genetics’ Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Elliott, Ph.D., and Ambry Director of Medical Affairs and Breast Cancer Surgeon Robina Smith, M.D. will join breast cancer survivor Christine Fenwick on Lifetime Television’s “Access Health” program to discuss the importance of quality genetic testing and how its outcomes can effect a physician’s decisions for their patient’s future. The episode premiers November 16th on Access Health TV at 7:30 A.M., Eastern and Pacific Standard Time.

“Quality genetic testing can make a difference between an accurate result and an inaccurate result,” said Dr. Elliott. “At Ambry we utilize the highest quality genetic testing backed by large amounts of data so clinicians and their patients can construct the most personalized treatment plans regarding their current and future health.”

During the month of November, which is dedicated to spreading awareness and education about men’s mental and physical health, the show will educate the audience about the importance of testing with the right laboratory and how this type of genetic testing has affected Dr. Smith’s practice as well as her ability to provide the information necessary so that patients can make the most informed decision possible.

“The genetic testing landscape is rapidly evolving,” said Dr. Smith. “The importance of using a genetic laboratory company, such as Ambry, that has pioneered the advancing technology, stayed consistent in providing reliable quality testing and fulfilled the call for precision medicine by freely sharing data to the scientific and research community, can have a meaningful impact on the health outcomes of our patients and their families.”

Fenwick will also describe her personal journey with genetic testing and how her testing experience shaped both her and her daughter’s view of their future.

“The cause of my cancer was a source of fear and anxiety for me and my daughter,” said Fenwick. “Genetic testing removed our fears and uncertainty. Now we know for sure, the mutation stops with me.”

In recent months, Ambry has developed a plethora of genetic testing options for hereditary cancer, 13 panels in total, including ProstateNext which tests 14 genes associated with an increased risk for prostate, male breast and other cancers. Ambry also offers CustomNext-Cancer, a test that allows a clinician to handpick from up to 67 genes that are commonly found in 13 different types of hereditary cancers, including breast, colon, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. In addition to several other CustomNext genetic panels that are disease-specific, CustomNext-Cancer allows a clinician to target a specific hereditary cancer and, essentially, tailor their patient’s healthcare treatment moving forward.

Along with customizable genetic tests, Ambry also continues to supply the scientific research communities, clinicians and patients with its big data sharing program, AmbryShare. Ambry based their decision to freely share aggregate, anonymized genomic data from patients with disease, on the belief that the world would be a better place if scientists are able to understand the genetic basis of all human disease. With more than 10,000 genomes sequenced from patients with hereditary breast and/or ovarian cancer, Ambry hopes to continue to contribute to the medical research community so more information and/or cures can be found.

Stay tuned to Ambry Genetics’ newsletter, blog and social media platforms for the latest developments on this television show premier.

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