Are You Ready for the 2015 RARE Patient Advocacy Summit? (Because We Are!)

September 21, 2015

The time is near for rare patients to gather at the RARE Patient Advocacy Summit, to see and experience with their own eyes, that they are truly not alone.

Each year the summit brings out incredible speakers to help educate a community that has always been adamant about learning, understanding and putting their best foot forward as they strive to raise awareness for even the smallest patient populations.

Whether you’re in the Huntington Beach area, making the great pilgrimage to California or simply tuning in from your bedroom, Global Genes wants to welcomes you to what has been an annual event of empowerment and enlightment within the rare community!

What’s the best part of this two day event, jam-packed with activists and educators? You can attend for FREE at home in your PJs. Just register for the livestream here:

What should you expect out of then next two days?

  • Practical next steps for taking action in the areas of research, legislation, fundraising, and community support
  • Core fundamentals and skills to help you start, grow and strengthen your nonprofit organization
  • Strategies for building online communities and why they are essential for rare disease awareness
  • Understanding the power of genetic data and patient involvement for advancing research for your disease
  • Tools and insights into crafting successful collaborations with researchers, biotech, pharma and the FDA
  • Invaluable connections with advocacy leaders that will help you define and propel your rare disease priorities forward

Be prepared – the Summit will educate you and will exhaust you, but. . . it will also inspire you.

Register for the summit here.

Register to watch online here.

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